Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years Eve/Day

I asked all my friends if they didn't want to come to London with me for New Years Eve but they said they are having a party but I could come if I wanted to. But I mean...London = big fireworks, people, so many different cultures and LONDON. (I still think London was better than a party) I was lucky I found a post on facebook that 2 of my friends wanted to go up to London, so I aksed them if I could come. We met at Orpington Station at 6pm and 2 friends of Tom came, too. David and Charlie. Because David was late we missed the faster train and took the slower train and that took us 40min to get to Charing Cross. We went to China Town for some food. In the restaurant were long benches and tables so we sat with 5 other people on one table. Next to me sat 3 german girls and I was really excited and I should have said something but...yeah, I didn't. By the way, I saw and heard so many german people this night, it's unbelievable! After that we just wandered around (saw some nice places like Tiffany's and Dr. Martens) and then decided to find a place where we would have a nice view for the fireworks (good we went so early), but now I needed to go to the toilet and smart as I am, I wore my playsuit. Next to Westminster Church, where we found a nice place to sit and watch, were the toilets and the queues were so long! It took us 45min to go to the toilet! But I met a nice german guy, Alex, who was with his girlfriend in London since Friday. He said they satyed in Cryodon, so not far away from Orpington and I wondered how they would get back there because he knew less than us about London and getting around here. Well, we had a nice little chat and then FINALLY we got to the toilets and it took me ages to get out of my playsuit! I HATE THAT!(okay it wasn't really smart to wear it but it's nice!) The fireworks were AMAZING! I just stood there, mouth open, watching and a feeling in my stomach as there were thousands of butterflies in it. We saw Big Ben and a tiny bit of the London Eye but we had a big TV in the middle of the park, so we could see the whole firework on TV. To be honest, and Charlie agrees with me, it looked better on TV, but you can't feel the same if you just watch it on TV. I thought it would be really crowded after the firework was over but it was all organised because there were no trains, busses or taxis running so everyone had to head out of the center. Tom and someone else wanted to go to a pub but Charlie said it would be better to make the way to the night bus so we would know if it is running or not, well it wasn't from Charing Cross so we had to make our way to London Bridge. We walked through half London before we reached another Station, Blackfriars, where we thought we could take a tube or train but NO, so continue walking to London Bridge. We ran for our train...and missed it. We ran for our bus...and missed it. But Charlie was always on the front, guiding us. Before his sister took him home. Well, we were on our own now. There were 2 bus stops, one on top of London Bridge and the other one around the corner. I went to that one...talked to 3 really nice boys, from Essex, they all had curly hair. The first one said his mother was a water-absorbing-trousers making machine, he said that in such a funny way that I laughed so much. He also had a tea shop across the street and wiped the bench dry for me, so I could sit down (I couldn't walk anymore, my feet and legs hurted so much and I was so tired). Then Metin, David and Tom took me to the other bus stop and we waited until 4.30am and I was shaking because it was freezing like hell and I was tired and exhausted. I said we should go to the train now and wait until 5am because then the trains would start running again. It was warmer in the Station and we sat there and slept a bit until Tom and David went outside for some food, called us because the bus was waiting at the bus stop where I first waited... . I slept the whole time until they woke me up (it was six o'clock) and I had to get off. I had a look on the bus timetable (6.12 would come a bus) my watch said 6.14 and I just walked and walked. At the next stop I thought I could wait, maybe the bus is a bit late...no better walk you are already so cold. Two steps further and the bus went pass. I saw that he looked at me and I just tought ARSCHLOSCH, ARSCHLOOOOOCH!!!!!!!!! So I started to walk again, my feet hurt so much! I heard a man walking behind me but I didn't care, he walked pass me and I kept going. I was nearly home, the police stopped me! 'I have my ID, so don't worry!!' I said to myself but he said someone called him because he saw a suspicous looking man following me. I thought how kind the people here in England are and they would have given me a lift but I was nearly home so I walked. As I couldn't see their car anymore I started to cry, I was cold, exhausted and tired and then those people here were so caring, in Germany they wouldn't give a fuck! :') I was home at 7 because I walked so slow, I fell into my bed and could finally sleep! I will never forget that but I hope I don't have to walk for so long and far again!

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