Sunday, 23 December 2012

winter wonderla...puddles, rain? where is the snow?

Something is missing...MOnika. Tasted best hot chocolate EVER! FOR FREE! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE

Sunday, 9 December 2012

little bit of magic

25th November: went to Harry Potter with my family and other exchange students. saw anna after a long time. well it was amazing! the books are better though hehe but i must say it was massive and so much effort to produce these films, i think. i had monikas camera and took photos and she ran off with the other slovakians but never mind :P and because i gave teddy to her (she definitley loves him) and karen wanted to go a bit earlier, monika kept him for a week! over the week: i told kola (because he alsways asks me if i am racist and i am not! but he asks every! time!!!) so this time i just made up a story, that my family in germany has slaves and mixed people will be killed and their parents and he believed it :D it was hilarious and ruth told him thats why she can speak german. she has been there 5 years and i rescued her haha. school is just so stressy and i mean i have got just 2 subjects and art in germany we have like 12? i am going to die now, bye. one assembly was about gap year and where you can go: and i found something in a magazine about japan and that you can be medical assistant: i would like to do both but it is quite expensive and i dont know if i could raise so much money. 30th November: art trip london. went to the white cube and had to do some sketches, it was boring but the borough market was interesting and soooo much food and GERMAN food haa ♥ after the tate fawzy and i went to westfield shopping center and met monika AND TEDDY :') i ate a pizza and then we watched "the rise of the guardians" wonderful, amazing, makes you believe ♥ 1st December: chloe and i babysitting her little twin-cousins. someone knocked at the door next door and we thought it was in the bathroom or outside and we freaked out but as i closed the window i was fine, chloe wasnt! she nearly cried bless her. but we watched a lot of funny movies and ate pizza. 5th December: put christmas tree up and decorated it. after that karen and i hid the presents for nikolaus in the kitchen and clarissa >:( went in the kitchen and saw them :( next morning i opened the presents with the kids together and i was really happy and thanks to my parents and micki and karen for the lovely presents ♥ i am a bit grumpy in the last few days i dont know why my dad said maybe i have that culture shock they told us about but i dont hope so, it could be because i was really angry at the english people....because they drive on the wrong side of the road! and i wasnt angry of that it is really stupid and maybe i am grumpy because monika will leave in a couple of weeks and aargh i will be crying! love you monika! today i wanted to show karen camden market because she has never been there but she is ill :( next time :) but i met monika and i bought earrings and shoes :3 monika bought a chinese t-shirt. (i haggled for the shoes :D first they were 28pounds but i said no 20 or nothing! ha! here the link for the pictures of today: and one advice at the end: keep your eyes open when you cross the street because the car drivers are so rude over here! they dont give a shit if there is a person on the street or not