Monday, 20 August 2012

Goodbye Party

so my friends (Nescha and Jojo) had that idea to buy me balloons and they ran around to ask people to sign the balloons for me

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Well, my name is Nele and I will go to London for one year. My English is not very good but in a few months I hope it will get better.
So, this Blog is for those who want to know about an exchange year (especially London/England) and of course for my family and friends :)

I started to organize my year exactly one year ago. I searched the internet for exchange organizations and read articles about student exchange. I picked 3 out of about 30 organizations and with my parents, I went to the interviews of the organizations. After that I made my decision which one I would take. The first organization lost my documents so I took the second.
I had to write an essay about me, my friends and my family. They sent it to the organization in England and then I had to wait. From August to May.
I got an letter ('just another bill' - I thought) but NO itt was a letter from my new family!!!
(My organization told me that I shouldn't think I will come to London!) That was a surprise! And they looked so friendly ♥
I must admit I didn't have the courage to call them but I wrote them an email. They said if I have any questions I could ask their hoststudent. So I did and it was a pleasure that she was from Switzerland. So I didn't have to write in English. Thank you Jana :)

To the end I have to tell you: Don't buy your suitcase two weeks before your flight and don't wait to pack it. You need time for that!!