Friday, 23 November 2012

Teddy's Journey (1)

First: My earpiercing got infected (it was big swollen and really bad, I nearly died! :D haha) and I had to take antibiotics and felt soooooo tired all the time, then my parents found out about someone and I dont know who it was...we had an argument. Well, Friday we had Breakfast for Dinner, really really nice! Second: Monika ans I went to London on Saturday and Sunday, I bought Christmas presents, we went to Polluck's Museum, Camden Town(where Monika in the middle of a crowd started to dance! I try to learn it now but it is really hard and I think I look like a monkey) and to the Chrismas market near the London Eye! A lot of german stuff! The next day we just went to China Town and ate something (Pizza and Broccoli-Pasta) at the Spaghetti House. After that we went to Tesco bought cheese cake and took the train home ;) Third: Wednesday the brought up the lights in the High Street and there was a really nice firework! Fourth: In school we had a road safety day and it was really depressing but anyway if you ever come to England: !WATCH THOSE CARS HERE! the drivers are mad they dont even care if you got run over, they wont stop for you! So, be careful!

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