Saturday, 22 September 2012


Well, this weekend - my first party ♥ tonight so i will post some photos of my outfit later. Friday Rachel and I went to High Street (and we went to a artshop and the woman aksed us to send her a little bit of our work - Rachel designs clothes - and she really liked my bag) and we bought chocolate and cookies and I ate 3 of them and I felt so sick after it :D Rachel bought me a necklace ♥ and we made photos in that box :) I bought mermaid nail polish ♥ but as I said it is really expencive over here and normal-sized nail polish bottles cost 12 pound YEAH so I asked my parents to send me my nail polish :D So I am really excited about this party today and next weekend is the next party and I'll meet Liza and Paula on sunday ♥ OH! and I swear a lot so I decided to swear in german -> nobody can understand me and my best friend said a really good swear word and I didn't want to forget it so I wrote it on my arm :D and I've got a new bracelet from Indonesia ( the purple one) and I love it how Rachel did my hair!