Sunday, 12 August 2012


Well, my name is Nele and I will go to London for one year. My English is not very good but in a few months I hope it will get better.
So, this Blog is for those who want to know about an exchange year (especially London/England) and of course for my family and friends :)

I started to organize my year exactly one year ago. I searched the internet for exchange organizations and read articles about student exchange. I picked 3 out of about 30 organizations and with my parents, I went to the interviews of the organizations. After that I made my decision which one I would take. The first organization lost my documents so I took the second.
I had to write an essay about me, my friends and my family. They sent it to the organization in England and then I had to wait. From August to May.
I got an letter ('just another bill' - I thought) but NO itt was a letter from my new family!!!
(My organization told me that I shouldn't think I will come to London!) That was a surprise! And they looked so friendly ♥
I must admit I didn't have the courage to call them but I wrote them an email. They said if I have any questions I could ask their hoststudent. So I did and it was a pleasure that she was from Switzerland. So I didn't have to write in English. Thank you Jana :)

To the end I have to tell you: Don't buy your suitcase two weeks before your flight and don't wait to pack it. You need time for that!!

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